Speaking with Dads

About Me

My mission is to communicate a message of hope and encouragement to fellow dads. I am no better man than any other father out there that is trying to become a better man and a better father.


I used to think that my education was complete when I graduated from college in 2007.  There's no degree for learning how to be a good dad.  I am constantly evolving and learning. My favorite phrase right now is, "I don't know, yet".  There's no roadmap specifically for me and my family.  I've never been the father of 4 children until July 2019.  I don't know yet how to handle all the things that will happen as my children grow.  I seek counsel from other good men that have experience with similar or the same circumstances.  If I can help others by sharing my journey through major depression and my path back to good health, then I am happy to share it!  


I am no where near perfect, and I never will be.  My goal is to improve as a father and to help other dads along the way, not to compete with anyone else.  If my failures and experiences can help another man in his role as a dad, it gives me great joy to do so.  Keep working on yourself, and you will see your children changing in a positive way.  


Be you. Be grateful for your struggles.  Share your story to help others going through something similiar.  Your struggle is your strength.




I Believe that children are little humans we are called to love unconditionally